Most of us are already used to targeted advertising campaigns. E-commerce websites analyze our online behavior and the history of purchases in order to send us personalized suggestions, discounts, and enroll us in loyalty programs. Cluify, a platform created by the Polish company Datarino, goes one step further: their product gives the retailer an insight into the behavior of customers in physical stores and creates an omnichannel service experience.

“Until now, advertisers were able to target consumers based on their behavior on the web only. However, it’s the real world we are the most active: we go to a nearby grocery store, meet our friends, go to the gym, visit the hairdresser, or pick up a child from school,” explained Natalia Malko from Datarino.

Cluify is a SaaS product, offered to both traditional retailers and online store owners. It provides them with access to a list of visitors to any physical space, such as a shop or a museum. Each smartphone owner is uniquely identified by an Advertisement ID code generated by Google Play. Thanks to this ID code, advertisers can target specific groups of customers or check how many potential visitors have passed their store without entering. In the analysis panel, the advertiser can assess the efficiency of his campaign – for instance, by checking how many people who have seen the ad have actually visited the physical shop.

Even if you only run an online store, Cluify might prove itself useful. After marking sensitive locations on the map, you will be able to send targeted ads to potential customers, such as students at a university or sports center’ visitors. In an offline store, this tool can improve visual merchandising by providing a thorough analysis of most and least effective in-store spaces (“hot spots” and “dead spots”).

One of the platform’s differentiating features is the technology they use. Instead of focusing on creating hundreds of functions, the Cluify team concentrated on increasing their range and are now ranked third in terms of mobile coverage in Poland. They also use the omnipresent Wi-Fi transmitters to track customers.

At the moment, the team focuses on verifying their business model. They have already acquired 20 customers for pilot implementations and plan to launch the SaaS product later this year. One of their current goals is scaling this product globally.

Cluify is a product of Datarino, a startup that specializes in Big Data applications. The company has already cooperated with clients such as Boston Consulting Group, Onet Group or Hoist Finance. They also own RinoApps, a game design studio, that has already released ten apps and mobile games to the market.