Kiev Blockchain Conference

12th October 2017

Desytinnaya St. 12

Kiev, Ukraine


About the Event

Blockchain is on the rise, and with cryptocurrencies playing an increasingly significant role, the need for proper legislation and education regarding blockchain development is more and more visible. This is why Smile-Expo organizes the 4th Annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Kiev, Ukraine on 12th October. Developers, entrepreneurs, legislation experts, and bankers will have the opportunity to discuss the future of blockchain.

At first glance, the location – Kiev – might look a bit surprising. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect choice for a conference that deals with cryptocurrencies: Ukraine is among the top three regulators of blockchain trends, being one of the countries with the highest adoption rate of blockchain technologies.  Ukrainian citizens often buy bitcoin as means of defending themselves from the effects of extreme inflation, and the National Bank of Ukraine already plans a “Cashless Economy Project” for auctioning state assets. This is why the Ukrainian capital was chosen to host a meeting of experts and enthusiasts of the topic.

The conference will be divided into three tracks, each one corresponding to a different topic. The first one – Finance, Business, and Legislation – will touch upon the application of blockchain in fintech, govtech, business, and social projects. Speakers will include Oleg Kudrenko , the CTO and co-founder of Bachoodesign, who will talk about smart contracts as an opportunity for both business and government, or Dmitrijus Borisenka, the CEO at CoinGate. His keynote will touch upon re-conciliating bitcoin and traditional banking.

The second conference track, Developments, will be devoted to creating blockchain solutions in practice. Nik Balo, the core developer at Satoshi.Fund, will explain the problem of smart contracts scaling and explain their role in decentralized solutions. Igor Leontyev, a Microsoft Azure Architect, will present the applications of Azure Blockchain as a Service.

The last track, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), will concentrate on sharing experience with this newest trend. The first speaker in this field, Sergey Bondarenko, is the Senior Manager of Digital Innovations in Deloitte Ukraine. After his introduction, Nestor Dubnevich, a lawyer Juscutum, will elaborate on the legal aspects of ICO, while Mike Brusov, the CEO at Cindicator, will talk about fundraising and the perspective of ICO replacing the venture investment market.