“I know exactly what to pack for my three-week-long holidays in an exotic country” … said no one ever. Regardless of whether you head to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, plan a hiking adventure in the Alps or schedule your first business trip, the problem of packing the right items is always a pain. The Internet is maddeningly unhelpful, telling you to pack your pajamas (duh) or a water purifier (a bit extreme for a family vacation). Here’s where MyLuggage, a Poland-based startup, steps in, handing you a foolproof way to pack for any trip you have in mind.

“Last year, I took the Trans-Siberian Railroad with a couple of friends. The issue of packing turned out to be extremely troublesome, as it influenced the entire trip, as well as our expenses,” explained Paweł Łubiarz, the founder of MyLuggage. “Upon my return, I tried to find a tool that will assist me in the packing process. To my surprise, there was nothing useful available on the market, so I decided to build such a tool myself.”

The main functionality of the MyLuggage app is creating customized packing lists for every trip you’ll ever make. After you’ve chosen your destination, the trip type, its duration or weather conditions, the app automatically suggests a packing list tailored to your needs. You can edit the list by adding your own items, or create new lists, such as “to buy” or “to do before departure.”

One of the most interesting features of the app is that it automatically displays all travel information supplied by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such as the visa requirements, currency or vaccines. It also reminds you of the size and weight limits for your luggage on various airlines. This way, all relevant information about your trip will be stored and easily accessible in one place.

MyLuggage has already closed their first crowdspeaking campaign on the thunderclap.it platform, where they reached a record-breaking number of 720 thousand people (all previous Polish campaigns have not exceeded 200 thousand in social reach). Before the launch of the app, the team plans to invite travelers, as well as lifestyle or tech bloggers, to test their platform during their trips. The official launch date is not yet known, but Łubiarz already ensures that the app will be available free of charge.

The MyLuggage team claims that their product reduces the packing time by as much as 90%. Sounds unbelievable? Well, we’re going to find out pretty soon!