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What do solar benches, folding electric bikes, submicron conductive lines, and IQ Gen have in common? Quite a few things, actually. They’re all solutions created by Polish startups: SEEDiA, JIVR, XTPL, and LGM. They all aim at creating more eco-friendly solutions and moving away from the extensive usage of fossil fuels. And, most importantly, they all met up with Northvolt’s CEO and former Telsa VP Peter Carlsson in Krakow last week.

It’s all been possible thanks to Impact conferences. Ever since Impact’16, Peter Carlsson’s interest in the Polish startup scene has been growing. He’s started working with some Polish companies and he’s thinking of possible future investments. With the help of Impact CEE, he’s managed to find a few innovative solutions that seem worthwhile. These four have a chance of getting funding from Carlsson.

So, let’s take a look at the lucky four.

SEEDiA (previously featured on Impact blog in Bogna Haponuk’s post here) provides eco-friendly products powered by solar energy. They offer solar-powered furniture and stands, such as polar benches and mobile device charging stations. The technology can be used to charge your devices, provide wifi or LED screens. The possibilities are endless.

JIVR is a electric folding bike. The technology is perfect for city-dwellers as it’s compact, comfort, and smart. With all the traffic jams, urban traffic can be hell. However, JIVR it can be healthier and faster.

XTPL is another story all-together. They’ve developed submicron conductive lines and the whole technology around them. That means, besides the design of inexpensive, ultra-thin electrically conductive lines made of nanosilver, they’re also working on a lab printer and print head to suit their needs. What’s it for? Transparent conductive lines can be used in solar technology, for instance.

LGM is also a solution for the industry. Their technology,IQ Gen, helps manufacturers to get more power from permanent magnet electricity generators. It can be applied to any product with such a generator, and it doesn’t require any redesigning. This simple simple add on can be used in solar energy, aviation, or automotive industries.