PGE Ventures is looking for innovative startups for their new Scouting Programme. If your interests match wth these of GK PGE, don’t hesitate and sign up. You don’t have to worry about a long wait when expecting a decision as startups should be chosen within a dozen weeks.

Right now, the programme is just for Polish companies. However, in the future, there’s a chance the next editions will be open to the entire CEE region.

What sort of startups are GK PGE looking for? Anything connected, however loosely, to energy economics. Want some specifics? Low-carbon technologies, power storage methods, smart home, smart city, big data analytics, IoT, and electromobility are definitely on the table. Projects that are deemed of interest can count on funding, research and development infrastructure, and help in business related issues.

The programme is open both for young and more mature startups. Startups in their seed phase need to have at least a product prototype and some traction. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got your perfect dream team or you’re still building in the middle of building it.

The selection process is based on authorial methods of assessment, based on the practices of Western European CVC funds. The analysis takes into consideration investment criteria, due diligence, and signing an investment agreement. You can expect the opinion is going to come from experienced experts who have been on investment committees before.

Try your best now and hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky startup to sign their investment agreements by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.