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You might be a professional football player, an enthusiastic teenager playing on his school team, or just an amateur: as long as you are out on the field, this product is something for you. First11, a Polish startup that launched only last autumn, has created a device for monitoring the progress you make while playing. With its help, you can analyze your own performance in every game or football training – and see exactly where you need to improve.

The device is a set of two sensors, which record your performance in measurable statistics: the number of shots and passes, the distance covered during the game, maximum and average speed, as well as the time spent walking, running, or sprinting. The sensors gather the data and transfer it to a mobile app, which allows to analyze the progress of the player and compare it with other footballers’ performance.

Unlike other similar products, First11 offers their solution to both professionals and amateurs. The sensors are designed in such a way as not to restrict the player’s movement, but provide as much data as possible. It can be used by individuals, to work on specific areas of the game, or by whole teams. It is particularly useful for football coaches, who cannot observe all players on the team simultaneously. First11 provides objective, measurable statistics for each player and supports the analysis of the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

First11 was created by Jakub Kur, the startup’s current CEO, and the Summer Agency, led by Kamil Sumer and Piotr Lebryk. Jakub Kur has gained experience in strategy and marketing while working for large corporations, such as McKinsey, BCG, or PFR Ventures. Summer Agency is responsible for the back-end solutions and final design of the device. They have previously worked on projects such as RoboCore, Photon, or Neuroon.

This startup is developing so fast it’s actually scary: the first idea was born less than a year ago, in November 2016. The founders managed to raise their pre-seed round of 200k PLN in just a week, and two months later, the prototype of their product was ready to be tested in football clubs. The team opened the presale in June 2017 and is currently working on final tweaks and minor improvements.

The First11 sensors are available in the presale for 349 PLN. The team has already sold 100 devices and has received a couple hundred further orders from both Poland and abroad, including the US and Australia.