Verified Solutions is a very young startup but it’s not stopping them. Just month after they started their operations, their revenue already reached one million PLN. What’s their secret? Cryptocurrencies.

Verified Solutions is a software studio specialising in block chain and cryptocurrencies. It is funded by Adam Bicz and Kajetan Maćkowiak and, even though they are only just starting, they’re already doing very well and growing fast.

“We decided to join out forces with Kajetan and create one of the first Polish businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies. My education in coding and his experience in business were vital,” says Bicz.

“Soon, we hired programmers, testers and project managers. With time we also set up a marketing team. Administrating the company was all on us,”adds Maćkowiak.

What did the studio do? They have set up and, both dealing with cryptocurrencies. The former allows you to buy bitcoins using either a credit card or a money transfer, the latter is a bitcoin payment platform. Their main aim? To make the transactions safer and more secure. And they’re still not done and have new ideas in their sleeve. Now, they’re onto designing a cryptocurrency wallet and they’re considering setting up a website with cryptocurrency news.

They’ve got clients from all over the world. Not only Poland, but also such countries as South Korea or Honduras.