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It seems that the Impact Research Hub is not the only entity interested in the future of the automotive industry: Magna, a global leader in the field, has recently announced their four challenges for entrepreneurs and innovators, collectively called “Driving the Future of Mobility.” You can apply with your technological solution to win fantastic prizes, including a mentorship event, further cooperation with Magna or equity-free prize money. The applications end on 19th November.

Magna is the most diversified automotive supplier in the world that operates in over 29 countries with 327 manufacturing operations. Seeing the disruption already happening in the automotive field – talk about electric cars, connected vehicles, and MaaS – Magna decided to co-create this revolution. This is why they are inviting startups and innovators to shape the future together.

“In partnering with StartUs Insights we see great potential to advance the scope and depth of our startup engagement in Europe,” said Ian Simmons, VP Business Development and R&D at Magna. “Our aim is to work with the brightest entrepreneurs in the industry, help them bring their ideas to market, and continue providing must-have innovations to our customers.”

You can apply for the challenge until 19th November 2017. The winners of four challenges will be announced shortly after – on 27th November. The jury will take into account the uniqueness and creativity of the solution, readiness of the technology and plausibility of the business model. Each winner will have the opportunity to attend a mentoring event with Magna Research & Development executives in Munich, Germany. The winners will also receive 7,000 EUR (equity-free) and a chance to cooperate with Magna in further project development.

Category 1: Autonomy

The first challenge focuses on technologies which enable self-driving vehicles. Magna looks for solutions that will bring them one step closer to full automation – that is, to a state when a vehicle can perform all driving tasks under all conditions that a human driver could perform, for example:

  • Lane Keeping Systems
  • Advanced Parking Assistance
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Blind Spot Detection

Category 2: Connected Car

This challenge is relevant for innovators with technologies which enable a vehicle to communicate with other vehicles, transportation infrastructure, and cloud servers. Some solutions include:

  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Smart Home
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure

Category 3: Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

This challenge is aimed at startups with transportation business models and supporting technologies which do not require privately owned cars and light trucks. MaaS refers not only to individual mobility but also the movement of fleet and goods. Solutions might include:

  • Delivery Services
  • Sharing (car, fleet, ride, etc.)
  • Carpooling

Category 4: Mobility Solutions

This challenge is a great opportunity for innovators with technologies and services which offer improved quality, timing or cost of the mobility experience. Magna encourages startups to work on the following solutions:

  • Car services (car sharing, parking & charging, ride-sharing, etc.)
  • Car ownership (finance, maintenance, connected services)
  • Macroeconomic aspects (city planners & lifestyle, energy storage, journey planning, etc.)

You can apply on this website until 19th November 2017.