The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości, PARP) has recently launched their new program Elektro ScaleUp. This initiative will help startups from the electromobility industry to take their first steps in the market and reach the right customers.

Electromobility is a future-oriented sector, which is going to disrupt the automotive industry during the next few years. In Poland, this sector is still at the early stage of development. We still need an elaborate legal environment and cutting-edge industry leaders to set technological standards. Relatively few startups in this field have reached a stage of development that is sufficient to provide ready products to a wide range of customers.

In the first phase of the project, PARP will select a startup accelerator that is going to cooperate with medium and large enterprises to execute the acceleration program. At least 30 startups will get admitted and gain the opportunity to receive a grant from 100k to 500k PLN, as well as a set of services worth up to 50k PLN in total. Participants will also be given a chance to use partners’ resources required for generating and testing their solution, to receive high-quality mentorship, and to cooperate with new business partners and potential investors.

PARP has allocated 10 million PLN in total to the Elektro ScaleUp program. This money will be granted to the chosen accelerator to cover the costs of both the acceleration program (including prizes for participants) and its organization. The selected institution will run the program for startups and simultaneously build a community focused around the topic of electromobility.

Apart from the prizes obtained during the acceleration phase, the participating startups will also get the chance to promote their brand and build credibility among corporate customers. Their collaboration with large and medium enterprises is the objective of the program; PARP hopes that Elektro ScaleUp will result in commercialization of multiple technological solutions developed during the acceleration.

PARP will open the applications for accelerators on 19th September. You can apply on this website until 7th November 2017.