Even if you’re incredibly creative, you probably happen to struggle with finding the perfect gift for the people you care about. All gifts you see in the shops seem to generic and lack personalization. A Graz-based startup mything will officially launch in November, providing you will a brand new place to shop for gifts. Their online store will host an array of customizable objects, all produced with the use of “digital fabrication” – either 3D printing or laser cutting.

The mything platform will be a triangular marketplace connecting customers, artists, and manufacturers, providing unique value for all. Artists are invited to put up their 3D designs on the website at no cost. These designs are then verified for the purpose of 3D printing. After approval, they are automatically listed in the online shop in suitable categories, such as jewelry, home décor, or accessories.

Customers can browse through the designs and pick the ones they like best. Every object is fully customizable – from the material, through color, to a text or picture embedded in the design. Mything offers a live rendering, making sure you are satisfied with the outcome.

Once you’ve chosen the final parameters of your object, you can decide where the design will be printed. That’s right: the artists don’t have to worry about production or shipping – it’s all done by professional manufacturers. As a customer, you can choose the manufacturer who is located in your area, decreasing both time and delivery costs. As every object is printed on demand (hence avoiding overproduction) and produced locally, the environmental footprint of your order drops drastically, too!

This innovative approach to digital fabrication offers a ton of benefits for all three sides of each transaction. Designers can focus on what they do best instead of struggling with production and delivery. Manufacturers receive an additional revenue stream with practically no risk involved. Customers are ensured top quality – each design is thoroughly verified, and mything cooperates only with professional 3D printing and laser cutting companies.

Even though the startup has not officially launched yet, it has already received 2.1 million EUR from an Austrian venture capital supplier KaPa Ventures. This investment shows an enormous amount of trust in the new business model. “We are starting from a privileged position which entails a corresponding level of responsibility. We have worked hard for this chance, and now it is up to us to focus on taking the next steps,” said Florian Mott, the CEO of mything.

Mott is by no means a business rookie. For years, he held management positions in companies such as bwin or Telekom Austria. Now, he makes sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s before the launch: the platform undergoes extensive testing, and the whole team is engaged with recruiting designers and manufacturers.