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Everyone wants to help others, although some might not know where to start. Polish startup Helpzy was founded with this thought in mind and it was a success. It has been nominated for the World Summit Award, in Inclusion & Empowerment category.

The contest was initiated and organised by the International Centre for New Media, in 168 countries within the United Nations framework of the World Summit. The World Summit Awards are an on-going activity since 2003 in cooperation with UNIDO, UNESCO, ITU, ISOC, UN GAID, and UNDP. They aim at finding and promoting the best online services and apps.

This year the categories were: Government & Citizen Engagement, Health & Well Being, Learning & Education, Environment & Green Energy, Culture & Tourism, Smart Settlements & Urbanization, Business & Commerce, Inclusion & Empowerment. The startups were first chosen on the national level and then nominated by the MOST organisation to the international contest.

“We’re very proud of the nomination and thankful o everyone for their trust. When working on the senior management post, I realised what gave you the most satisfaction was helping others. When I started looking for my own path as an entrepreneur, the idea for a social network was born. A social network where the users can help one another, which will help people have satisfaction from sharing their knowledge, useful information, or opinions,” says Konrad Kwiatkowski, the founder of Helpzy.

Helpzy’s thing is giving and not just taking. The users can meet new like-minded people; through discussions and sharing your knowledge, you can gain hepzycoiny, which you can then donate to a charity of your choice. That way, you help others twice – first with investing your time in others, and afterwards by donating money.