Did you ever think your child was too young to start taking music classes? If you did, think again. Pomelody is a Polish startup that allows kids – not only preschoolers, but also toddlers and infants – to begin their musical adventure in a stress-free, fun environment, together with their parents. This innovative e-learning platform enhances the ‘fun factor’ of music, creates a bonding experience for the whole family, and lets your child take the very first steps in the fascinating world of music.

Pomelody provides parents with a home-based music education system. The platform is available on all mobile devices, making it easily accessible – not to mention convenient – for practically everyone. The exercises are designed in a way that they can be easily followed and implemented even by parents with no prior musical knowledge or talent. All activities focus on creating a bonding experience for the family, as well as giving loads of fun to both the toddlers and parents.

Pomelody was founded by Adam and Anna Weber, a couple with a strong musical background. Adam is a professional orchestra musician, prizewinner of multiple international competitions, and the director of a musical education company. Anna is a renowned composer and a licensed teacher – she has many years of experience in educating children musically. The Webers have two sons; while trying to find songs appropriate for their kids, they noticed that the existing musical content is by no means satisfactory. This discovery led to the creation of Pomelody.

“Music is such a powerful medium to stimulate a child’s imagination. Its benefits stretch way beyond childhood with many reports suggesting that it can boost an individual’s adult IQ by up to 18%, compared to children with no early years’ music exposure,” said Adam Weber. “With Pomelody we have a created a unique opportunity for families to bond, to learn, to have fun and to stimulate the next generation.”

The startup has successfully closed a Kickstarter campaign, raising over $30,000 from more than 100 backers. The funds will help them in the global roll-out and support their stretch goal – making the platform freely available to disadvantaged children in orphanages around the world. At this moment, Pomelody is available in pre-order ($39 for 3-month access). The launch is scheduled for February 2018.