Arranging 1:1 meetings between startups and investors, presenting yourself on the Main Stage before an international jury, or talks with PARP, PFR or NCBR representatives from whom you might learn how to get funding for your business. These are just some of the events planned for this years Impact fintech’17, which is going to take place on December 6-7 in Katowice.

There is more to Impact fintech’17 than just watching keynote speakers on the main stage or moderated discussions with famous fintech experts such as Axel Kalinowski from London Stock Exchange or Sopnendu Mohanty, Monetary Authority of Singapore. The Congress also means side activities available for all Impact fintech’17 participants. Their aim is to help in business development, provide a chance of presenting what you do to a larger audience. It is also networking and getting new practical insights into public institution help. These meetings may influence the development of fintech sector in the entire CEE region, or perhaps even more. You may register to all the side activities when registering for Impact fintech’17.

Who are they for, what exactly are they and what new formats are available for the participants? We are presenting a practical guide of chosen side activities on Impact fintech’17.

I am a startup…

Startup Arena – New event starting this year, aimed at young techies and others. The workshops will teach you how to do a good presentation, get funding, and will be an opportunity of meeting potential investors. At Startup Arena startups from all over the world will participate, so the scope of their experience and lessons you can learn will be global, too.

As a part of the event, sixty startups will have a chance to present themselves and take part in a competition – the most interesting startup will be chosen by the audience via a dedicated app.

Startup4Export – a pitch session on the main stage, as well as a contest for the best of the best. Every chosen startup will be able to pitch their idea in a couple of minutes long presentation before an audience and an international jury. During Impact’17 in Krakowie earlier this year, BangProof won Startup4Export. It is a startup making caps for snowboarders and cyclists, which protect your head like a hamlet thanks to a special technology placed in the cap’s shell. BangProof was later invited to Sthlm Tech Fest 2017 in Stockholm, and took part in Polish-Bulgarian Economic Forum in Sofia with Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

I am a corporate representative/investor… 

ImpactLink –that is the format that played well during the previous editions. Long story short: those are 15-minute 1:1 startup-investor meetings.

What is so special about them? First of all, the chance of making an appointment with the representatives of every business that participates in the event. Second of all, the matchmaking will be made during the registration process so that you can get the most out of these meetings. Thanks to such a meeting at Impact’17 Querona had a chance of meeting up with BGŻ BNP Paribas, and in effect was invited to the Second edition of BNP Paribas International Hackathon Warsaw, and won.

I am an entrepreneur…

Business Booster – it will allow every Impact fintech’17 participant to talk to the representative of public institutions, such as PARP, PFR or NCBR. They’ll be able to find out how the institutions can support them in getting funding. It will be possible to make an appointment either before the event or during the event in the reception area.

For Everyone…

Meet the leaders – after the official part, on the second day of Impact fintech’17 a unique and laid-back event is planned so that you can meet and talk to some of the speakers out of the 150 world-class experts in fintech, such as Michal Šmída from Twisto, Anna Kuzmina from Yandex.Money, Patric Gresko from European Investment Fund, Natalia Neuman from Lakestar, Tal Sharon from Fintech Aviv/Equitech or Varun Sharma representing e-Residency.

During Impact fintech’17 business representatives from finance, fintech startups, administration, and academia will be able to take part in EduHackathon, Networking Cocktail, European Hub Meeting as well as Workshop Stage.

For more information about Impact fintech’17 go to the event’s website

How to join the event?

You can register for Impact fintech’17 here.

Free tickets are available for the academics, public administration representatives, NGO NGO, media, startups.


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