Straal, a Polish start-up specializing in smart payment gateway services, is officially launching its suite of e-commerce and omnichannel services. From now on, their solutions will be available for businesses in the EU, in the USA, and in Latin America. Aiming to address the challenges of the subscription economy, the company has also released a “Subscriptions PL” report with their in-depth analysis of this issue on the Polish market (click here to download).

Until recently, the company has been selling its products mostly in the white label model. Now, it begins to target merchants operating in a subscription-based model, cross-border e-commerce companies, SaaS vendors, and ambitious scale-ups getting ready to go global. Straal aims to become an everything-payments one-stop-shop for merchants, regardless of their radius of operations, diversity of target groups or development dynamics.

“Subscription economy, sharing economy, and the ever-growing expectations of consumers require companies to implement solutions that aim at maximising efficiency,” explains Michał Jędraszak, the COO at Straal. “Just as an autonomous car must be able to safely cover even the most complicated route in heavy traffic, such a modern payment gateway must optimize transactions, protect the company against fraud, and make a real contribution to increasing its efficiency. Straal is a response to the challenges of the modern trade in Poland and worldwide.”

Straal offers a wide range of solutions that make accepting digital payments more accessible, as well as more secure and effective. Their services suite consists of a secure payment gateway, set of smart subscription management tools, Machine-Learning-based performance optimization system, powerful analytical dashboard, and top-grade anti-fraud system. The company has also created RESTful APIs and developer-friendly SDKs to ensure a seamless integration of their solutions into all channels.

On the day of their launch, the company has also published a “Subscriptions PL” report that throws some light on the current subscription trends. According to this report, Poland is still far behind most of the European countries – only 48% of Polish citizens who shop online have decided to subscribe to at least one service (in the countries of “the old Europe,” this percentage is about 85%). Straal expects subscriptions to rapidly develop during the upcoming months. Sectors with the highest subscription growth potential are bill payments, medical services, but also insurance sector and VoD.

If you want to meet the Straal team in person, you have a chance – they will appear on the Impact ’17 fintech conference. Book your ticket today!