Looking for a fin tech hub to jumpstart your business? Well, look no further! At least eleven fintech hubs from all over the world are visiting Impact fintech’17 next month. Among them, you’ll find: Fintech Poland, Fintech Aviv, Czech Fintech Association, Copenhagen Fintech, CEE Fintech, Thai Fintech Association, Asociación Española de FinTech & InsurTech, Swiss Finance + Technology Association, Fintech Association of Japan, Canada and Abu Dhabi.

During Impact fintech’17, the hubs will get a dedicated space, European Hub Meeting. Their representatives will take part in a moderated discussion and have keynote speeches on the Impact fintech’17 stage. There, alongside startups from their respective regions, they will present their activity within the fintech sector and discuss its perspectives. Meanwhile, the startups will attend other activities offered by Impact fintech’17 such as: Startup Arena, Impact Link and Startup4Export.

The innovation ecosystem is most of all people as much as a quick and seamless flow of knowledge and practices. And it’s here in Poland that the key relations that will revolutionise the banking and finance world will be formed.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the hubs that will make an appearance at Impact fintech’17 in Katowice, December 6-7!

Fintech Aviv

The Israeli Fintech Hub was founded in 2014 and is one of the fastest growing and hottest ecosystems in the world. It has built the largest meetup community in the Startup Nation. Fintech Aviv has over 4000 passionate members dedicated to building world-class products and helping out all players in the ecosystem: early stage companies, established entrepreneurs, banks, insurance & professional service giants, VCs, as well as foreign companies landing in Israel. They focus on provoking a dialogue between the so-called “elephants” and “mice” by regularly introducing banks to the most cutting-edge technologies and disruptive implementation possibilities.

​​Copenhagen FinTech

Copenhagen FinTech combine the ideas of fintech entrepreneurs, the experience of the financial sector, and academic research to build a thriving ecosystem for the benefit of all.

They work with five focus areas: cyber security, digital processes, payments, platforms and usability and computational finance. The businesses that participate receive access to knowledge, matchmaking and project partners, as well as resources for research projects in collaboration with universities. Copenhagen FinTech also fund public-private research projects. All that contributes to the development of a strong ecosystem for entrepreneurs within fintech in Denmark.

CEE Fintech

CEE Fintech, located in Hungary, bring together fintech startups with financial institutions, technological integrators and investors. The majority of fintech startups relies on services of financial institutions or needs the infrastructure provided by technological integrators. That’s why an access to network of such organisations is crucial for their development. CEE Fintech facilitate networking, with the help of partnering local communities, financial institutions or investors. They also provide support with market entry services in the region, market research, and business development.

Thai Fintech Association

Thai Fintech Association’s goal is to accelerate fintech industry development and support Thai fintech startups to compete and expand to global market. They’ve created F13, a sandbox for fintech startups to test their product or service within a well-defined space and time with real customers. Such a risk-free experimentation helps to boost the economic growth as a whole. Thai Fintech Association provide free access to technology infrastructure and data feeds, facilitates partnerships with financial institutions, incubators and accelerators, as well as bring in investors, advisors and experts.

Swiss Finance+Technology Association

It’s the largest Swiss fintech association, aiming to become a world-class fintech hub. Their mission is to connect members and develop an active ecosystem, and to create valuable research, content, and insights. They offer a mentoring programme as well as organise regular meetups and events in Switzerland and abroad. All that helps to build the next wave of strong fintech start-ups. Swiss Finance+Technology Association also provide strategic advice to governmental bodies and other relevant stakeholders. Moreover, they created the Women in FinTeCH group focused on improving strategic networking and supporting great ideas.

And that’s just a taste of what those associations do!

Looks like December will be extra busy this year! Get your pass to the event here.