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Are you already getting excited about the upcoming Impact fintech ’17 congress? If not, then you should definitely be! On 6th and 7th December, over a thousand brilliant entrepreneurs, investors, renown speakers, and tech enthusiasts will discuss the potentials and threats of fintech solutions in Katowice, Poland.

As you probably know, Impact fintech ’17 is the largest event devoted solely to financial technologies in the whole Central and Eastern Europe. During the two-day-long congress, all participants will get a chance to listen to stimulating keynotes and panel discussions delivered by speakers such as Dave Allen from the Palo Alto Networks, Anna Streżyńska from the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs, or Sopnendu Mohanty, the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Additionally, Impact fintech ’17 will be filled to the brim with inspiring side events, one of which is the Startup Arena.

The Arena offers a friendly space for presenting your ideas to other techies. Sixty startups from all over the world will get the opportunity to pitch on a circular stage, surrounded by the audience. All participants will improve their presentation skills and get a chance to connect with investors, but also to win the pitching competition – the audience will choose their favorites via a dedicated app.

We’re happy to give you yet another sneak peek at the startups participating in the Startup Arena. If you’d like to meet them, but still didn’t register for Impact fintech ’17, go ahead and claim your pass now!

1. Coingate: this Lithuanian startup, led by Dmitrijus Borisenka, is an online cryptocurrency platform that provides a gateway for online or retail businesses, allowing them to accept and process payments in Bitcoin and over 50 other cryptocurrencies. Some of the tools offered by this company include a simple API, e-commerce modules, payment buttons, and Point-of-Sale apps.

2. Cyberus Labs: represented by Marek Ostafil, this startup offers a revolutionary and ultra-secure authentication system. Logging in with Cyberus Key doesn’t require passwords or PIN codes; it is based on a one-time code, hidden in an audio signal generated for each login attempt. You can read more about them here.

3. CloQ: this startup, founded by Rafaela Cavalcanti, embarks on the mission to provide financial inclusion to the low-income population in developing countries and reduce economic vulnerability. At the moment, they are concentrating on creating efficient, cheap, and easy-to-reach loan options for low-income Brazilians using a mobile app.

To top it all off, Krzysztof Domarecki, the founder of a brand new investment fund Fidiasz, will scout the Startup Arena, looking for startups to invest in. He plans to invest in five or six most promising fintech startups, supplementing them with funding ranging from 0.5 to 5 million PLN.

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