Tired of hiding your tech ideas in your desk drawer? The Polish Development Fund (PFR) along with the Ministry of Economic Development have just launched their new program which might help bring your projects to life.

The Good Idea program has launched on October 18th at the E(x)plory congress in Gdynia. PFR is looking for independent innovators in hopes to verify their project’s market value, oversee its development, and help in the process of setting up a company, and applying for funding. Good Idea stands out from other similar programs by targeting individuals who may be students, hobbyists who develop projects in their spare time, or innovators who cannot get support for their ideas from their primary employers.

“The program is aimed towards anyone who has an idea and thinks it is innovative and worth pursuing, but is not a business owner just yet. We’re hoping to find some really great ideas and help their creators turn them into reality” – said Polish Development Fund’s Innovation Director Eliza Kruczkowska.

The Good Idea program was developed at the Ministry of Development and will be implemented by the Polish Development Fund in cooperation with the consortiums – the Foundation of Advanced Technologies, the Foundation for Innovation Center FIRE and INVESTIN. You’ll have a chance to catch the PFR’s CEO Paweł Borys in Katowice at Impact fintech’17, on December 6 – 7, as one of the speakers.

You can apply for the Good Idea program at dobrypomysl.pfr.pl .

You will get a chance to hear speech by Paweł Borys, CEO of PFRs at Impact fintech’17 on December 6th on the main stage. Check out the agenda here.