First thousand of Polish public administration offices, such as voivodship offices or towns’ municipalities, have enrolled in a program that aims to equip all such entities with card terminals and webPOS for mobile payments. The joint initiative of the Polish Ministry of Economic Development and KIR (Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa) will make it possible for everyone to pay for issuing their passport, driver’s license, or any other document, using a card or a smartphone.

The primary objective of the program is to ensure that all such offices, as well as police patrols, will obtain access to the cashless payments tools free of charge, with absolutely no costs being transferred to the citizens either.

“The program is an important step in the process of creating a modern and efficient e-government with a high percentage of cashless turnover. The implementation of this initiative makes it possible to accelerate administrative processes, which leads to an increase in customer satisfaction, but also in the efficiency of the economy,” said Tadeusz Kościński, Deputy Minister of Development.

Eight months since the commencement of the program, it has reached its first milestone: a thousand offices are already participating in this initiative. It has also generated 16.2 million PLN of cashless turnover from almost 130k transactions.

“As a technical and infrastructural company, we want to take our share of responsibility in digitalization. Promotion of cashless transactions is one of KIR’s main tasks. The gradual withdrawal from cash transaction in public administration is a milestone on the road to e-government”, commented Dariusz Marcjasz, Vice President of the KIR Managing Board.

In order to advertise this initiative, KIR announced a competition for both the offices and citizens. The aim of the contest is to the promote the image of public administration as a place that provides modern forms of payment. The winners will equip the selected educational units with modern digital equipment.

KIR is a key entity of the Polish payment system infrastructure, which renders complex clearing services and provides top quality solutions meeting the needs and expectations of the banking and payment sectors. It actively works towards using innovative technologies extending the offer of the banks.

KIR is a partner of Impact fintech ’17. During the second day of the congress, Piotr Alicki, President of the Management Board at KIR, will share his insights during a panel discussion on the construction of electronic identification nodes. All attendees will also have a chance to listen to a fireside chat on the topic of banking with Robert Trętowski, the Vice President of the Management Board.