The Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) has been developing new security measures features for national documents for quite some time, and they’re ready to present their new release. Poles will be able to upgrade their passports as soon as next year, and their new edition is going to be the most secure one yet.

The new passports will include a personalized page made entirely out of polycarbonate. The personalized polycarbonate page is able to combine the security features characteristic for both plastic and paper documents. It will be one of the most secure documents out there – states PWPW’s CEO Jakub Skiba.

The production of the documents has started this November, and new passports will be released to the public next year, aligning with the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence. The documents will also receive a new graphic design commemorating the occasion. All of the pages will also differ when viewed under UV light.

PWPW creates not only the physical documents such as identity cards, passports, and driver’s licences, but also develops IT systems for those documents. Some of those systems include eID, ePassport, and PWPW SmartApp®.The infrastructure includes the system of collecting data (personal and biometric), sending the data (WAN network) and the central system (Data Center and Personalization Center).

PWPW has  developed its own applets called PWPW SmartApp®. The applets are used in cards and electronic documents such as biometric passports, electronic identity cards, or cryptographic solutions (such as electronic signatures). PWPW’s applet uses the special microprocessor dedicated for solutions which require a high level of security. The technology ensures that the stored data is integral, and authentic, as well as protected from forgery and unauthorized access.

While upgrading your passport will not be required until your current one expires, you can view PWPW’s presentation of the new passport on their website. In case you want to see new passport in person, head to Impact fintech’17 on December 6-7th. You can check out the agenda here.