Looking for a mid-week networking opportunity? You’re in luck, as OpenReaktor #60 is coming up this Wednesday.

Any other day of the month, Reaktor is a creative coworking space aimed towards Warsaw-based startups and freelancers. Once a month, the startup mansion opens its doors to gather the Warsaw startup scene for an evening of interesting startup talks, networking, beer, and pizza. December 13th will mark the 60th edition of their OpenReaktor event.

Attendees will get a chance to listen to Sara Koślińska – the CEO and Co-Founder of Limitless. The fintech startup operates a mobile app which aims to help financial insitutions engage with microinvestments. Sara Koślińska herself has years of international tech startup experience up her sleeve, and has just won the Central European Startup Award for Founder of the Year. At OpenReaktor she will ponder whether Wonder Woman would make a good CEO.

Next up on the agenda, Polish Development Fund’s CIO Eliza Kruczkowska will offer an inside look into the Start in Poland program. This accelerative program aims to support the Polish startup scene and is the biggest project of the kind in East-Central Europe. Kruczkowska’s talk will sum up the Start in Poland program.

For a change of pace, the next stop on the agenda offers a firechat between the CEO / Co-founder of Netguru – Wiktor Schmidt, and Reaktor’s Agata Kwaśniewska. Netguru is an international company which specializes in making a variety of digital products, and has been recognized for its fast growth on an international scale.

The speaker part of the evening will close with a talk from Katarzyna Szymielewicz of Panoptykon. The foundation’s mission revolves around protecting fundamental rights in the context of modern technologies and growing surveillance. Szymielewicz will deliver a talk about personal data protection from a strategic point of view.

The event is free of charge, but requires prior registration on Evenea. See you there!