The Warsaw Spire’s 38th floor houses The Heart – an European center aiming to promote collaboration between real estate startups and corporations. Along with JLL, EY, and Ghelamco, the international hub is launching its new Real Estate Tech program in hopes to connect ready-to-scale startups with big companies of the sector for joint business development.

The result? An international community carefully selected late-stage startups and corporations ready to define the main challenges of the industry and bravely incorporate new technologies in their projects.

The year-long program is set to launch in the first quarter of 2018 and will be divided into three specialist sectors: cybersecurity and privacy, artificial intelligence, and human experience in the real estate market. The Heart will organize meetings between corporations and startups in London, Warsaw, and Dubai.

Commercial real estate such as offices or stores are currently going through a digital transformation. New technologies enable them to lower the costs, enhance efficiency, and create new and better experiences both for the clients, and the employees.” – says The Heart’s CEO Tomasz Rudolf

The latest report prepared by JLL called “Workspace, reworked” shows that the new generation of intelligent workspaces can improve efficiency and the experiences of employees. JLL suggests that owning office space which can be easily adjusted and used a variety of ways can also enable higher rates for investors.

The digital future is becoming our reality. The digitalization of the real estate sector offers huge opportunities, but also poses new challenges. The expectations of our clients regarding real estate and information security, the cost-effectiveness of buildings, and their impact on the environment are changing. In the age of technology, the need for cybersecurity is essential.” – says Anna Kicińska, EY Real Estate Advisory Group Partner.

“By joining the program, we’re hoping to use our knowledge about the contemporary real estate industry. As the need for flexibility impacts how we work, live and consume, buildings and cities have to adapt. We believe the programme will serve as a catalyst in our industry to devise new ways of designing and managing buildings of the future” says Jarosław Zagórski, Ghelamco’s Commercial & Business Development Director

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