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Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days. We watch their value rise and fall with bated breaths just as much as we do with ‘regular’ currencies. The blockchain technology is being applied in more and more industries, promising to fully democritise economy and make every transaction super safe. There’s no doubt the fourth industrial revolution is well on its way.

Don’t stay behind! Whether you are interested in cryptocurrencies and thinking of investing, or you want to learn about fintech’s latest achievements, Let’s Start Up: Talks! is something for you.

The event will take place on January, 9 at 7 pm, in Aula B of Building G of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). The entry is free for everyone. The two keynote speakers who will appear are still kept a mystery, but the organisers promise the best of the best of the business world. So keep an eye on the event’s page on facebook for the big reveal and the final agenda.

This is the third edition of Let’s Start Up: Talks!. It takes place every year during the biggest startup festival in Poland, Let’s Start Up. The festival has been organised since 2014 by SKN Biznesu, a student organisation at SGH, and has been a great success so far. It consists of a series of smaller projects, such as the Polish edition of Dragon’s Den, TechExpo conference, and many others. What a mix, and it lasts just one day.

You can’t miss that, so see you on Tuesday!