Have you heard about Pixers? Their products have been brightening up our living spaces since 2010. They have lots of photos you can choose from (millions, quotes their website). You can get anything your heart desires to personalise your boring white walls: wallpapers, wall murals, prints and posters, or stickers. They are one of the most popular services specialising in interior personalisation in Poland, and they are very successful abroad, too.

Now they want to update their photo organisation system. They will invest 2M dollars to create Aistock, an innovative, AI-based stock photo library.

The launch is planned for this spring and within two years Pixers plans to become the biggest stock photo provider in the world.

So how will Aistock be better than other such services? Well, the secret lies in its structure. The service will be based on the blockchain technology, making all the data and transactions super safe. The clients will also be able to make payments using cryptocurrencies, so they won’t lose any money due to currency conversion.

Aistock will also use AI to make uploading and categorising files faster and easier. The system will be able to tell which file is a photo, a graphic design, or a video, and place it in the correct category. AI will also help the users find the most relevant results for their search queries.

That system guarantees image owner identification on the basis of the database. It will be very easy to check whether a given file belongs to the Aistock blockchain network thanks to automatic search for photographs in blockchain.

Aistock has one major advantage over other services: if you’re a contributor, you won’t have to pay anything to upload your images to the database. That’s right, there’ll be no commission fee. Thanks to that photographers and designers will earn even more. That’s really great news!

You can already join the contributors base here. You only have to provide your name, email, and a link to your portfolio.