It’s not a secret in the business world that providing your clients with exceptional care is a great way to stand out from the competition. According to Walker’s progress report, a company’s approach to customer service will become the key distinguishing feature in business, outrunning pricing or a product’s uniqueness.

This quest may be especially hard in the initial stages of a startup’s development, when customer interest is not as easy to predict. Thankfully, Customer Heroes is there to help, with their newly launched Hero Box service.

According to their website, Hero Box is a “flexible multilingual customer service via chat, e-mail and phone”. Their full offer enables clients to adjust the scope of customer service needed for their business, regardless of size and development stage. Small startups, online shops, and industry veterans hoping to update their customer service game or expand into new markets – Hero Box claims to suit all of the above.

We want to provide our partners with transparency and substantial flexibility – these two things are crucial, especially at the start. That’s why we offer constant rates which are determined in advance, and base around the number of interactions with clients instead of being counted by the hour. This is a truly unique perspective in this business. – says Rafał Jarosz, the CEO of Customer Heroes

Hero Box’s model bases on the idea that businesses should not have to pay for their customer support consultants’ idle time, but only for their high quality performance. Their services claim to have relatively fast response rates as well, with over 85% of phone calls receiving replies within 45 seconds, over 90% of chats being active within 60 seconds, and providing e-mail responses within 4 hours for over 85% of messages.

Even beginners in the startup world will be at ease when it comes to examining Hero Box’s offer. Their pricing list is transparent and appears very easy to understand. The company offers a variety of service packages suited for businesses of different sizes. Depending on a package, Hero Box enables their clients to expand onto new channels of customer communication, service clients in a variety of languages, or just support the overall team in especially busy times.

As a part of the offer, Customer Heroes provides access to their own tools for customer service, but their consultants can also utilize the tools which are already established in the client’s business. The minimum contract time is three months.

Does any of the above sound like something your business could use in these hectic times? To find out more about Hero Box, head to their website.

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