A homegrown startup Nightly is expanding all the way to United States. By opening up to markets across the ocean, the application’s owners are hoping to increase their client base, as well as improve the Polish brand’s visibility on a global scale.

The introduction of Nightly to the American market is the biggest event for the startup ever since their debut in Australia, where the Polish app has found itself on the top 10 application list in the Health category. Each month we earn around 30 percent new users, but we’re hoping that this number will become much bigger once the American market discovers the usefulness of our app. – says Łukasz Młodyszewski, the CEO of Nightly. If the app does well overseas, the startup is hoping to achieve the American Food and Drug Administration’s certificate for their product.

Nightly is available for iOS and Android devices, and offers a free 14-day trial for new users. After the trial expires, the users get an option to invest in a monthly or yearly subscription for $4.99, or $35.99, respectively.

As for its functions, the app is able to analyse a person’s sleep patterns. With the goal of increasing its quality in the long run, Nightly employs the use of algorithms which are able to detect and monitor sleep phases. During the night, the smartphone’s accelerometer detects body movements to monitor the user’s sleep, and react in order to prevent unwanted wake-ups.

Around a third of the world’s population suffers from sleep problems, and stress is the main culprit. The issue often gets ignored even though chronic sleeplessness may cause serious health problems. Nightly’s owners add that the lack of rest also leads to a lower quality of life, increases tiredness, decreases our mood levels, and hinders concentration.

Our priority was to create a tool which would help those who deal with sleep disorders on an everyday basis. We have started off with a focus on science, and that’s why we’ve decided to work with experts and go through multiple trials. – says Łukasz Młodyszewski.

Młodyszewski explains that over the course of the app’s development Nightly’s functionality has been monitored for over 15 thousand nights. During the process, its system was examined in a clinical study at the Psychiatry and Neurology Institute in Warsaw, which confirmed the application’s legitimacy. The results show that using Nightly lowers the frequency of waking up during the night by nearly 50%, and reduces the chance of night terrors by 85% – adds Nightly’s CEO.

Best of luck to Nightly in their expansion process! In case you’d like to find out more about the startup or their application, head to their website.