In case you’re ready to face the February cold and head out for an evening of networking, as well as a discussion about one of the most prevalent topics in fintech, we’ve got a proposition for you. Fintech Trends is hosting an Open Mic Night this Thursday (February 8th) at InnVento, and the evening will revolve around the topic of Biometric Authentication.

While we’re sure that most of you are all too familiar with this security method, here’s a quick primer. Biometric authentication uses a person’s unique biological characteristics – such as a fingerprint, voice recognition or a retina scan – to verify their identity.

Recently, the topic of Biometric Authentication has been making rounds in senior management meetings at banks all around the continent, as the EU’s directive PSD2 forced the use of multi-factor authentication in financial services. Various aspects of this method of authentication speak both for, and against its use, so you can expect the panel to be heated.

As for the agenda, the Open Mic Night is scheduled to start at 6:00 PM, with a half-hour session of networking. Afterwards, the attendants will be welcomed by Piotr Serwin of, and the panelists’ presentations will commence. The organizers have planned a total of three presentations, and they’ve invited three leading experts in the field for the event. You can expect to hear from:

  • George Slawek – Co Founder and Executive Officer at Cyberus Labs. With 25 years in international business, Slawek has a lot of experience working at various levels in the technology industry and government. He’s no stranger to startup culture either, having successfully launched and managed three of them in Silicon Valley over the last seven years.
  • Piotr Giedziun – Co Founder and CTO at IDENTT Sp. z o.o. Giedziun leads the R&D team which employs Deep Learning, and has extensive experience in developing and maintaining applications in a variety of technologies.
  • Aleksander Kijek – CPO at Nethone, which is a global leader in A.I.-powered KYU. His experience includes working as a leader of the Polish Integrative System for Alternative Communication. As a fintech and neuroscience enthusiast, he will surely provide an unique perspective on Biometric Aunthentication.

After the presentations end, have planned a panel session focused around the theme of the evening. The panel will be moderated by Krzysztof Stachlewski of Almondata, which provides GDPR-compliance services. The evening will close with a short networking session.

For more information about the meeting, head to this website.

See you there!