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Those of you who are keen on payment efficiency are surely familiar with BLIK. The technology, which is currently available in the majority of the Polish banks, enables its users to conduct all sorts of payments, including ATM withdrawals, solely with the use of a smartphone. As soon as this year, BLIK is getting ready to make our lives even easier, as it tackles the issue of personal money transfers.

We’re sure you’ve run into this problem before – you’re out with friends, and instead of doing the math on the spot, one of you takes care of the bill. Some other time, your team at the office jointly orders lunch, and you don’t have the exact change to contribute. Either way, you’re left with small personal debts, and the process of collecting account numbers to make each transfer by hand can be a real hassle. This, again, is where BLIK comes in with their new feature.

Very soon, our mobile transfer system will enable our clients to see which people on their phone’s contact list use our services. – says Dariusz Markiewicz, the CEO of BLIK Polish Payment Standard. The contact list will highlight those people, similarly to how it’s done with social media communicators. – he adds.

In order to make a BLIK transfer to another person’s account, all we’re going to need is their mobile phone number. The transfers are going to be instant, and just like with other BLIK transactions, there won’t be any additional costs involved.

Initially we want to launch the service in 6 banks which already use P2P, and hopefully by the end of the year, we will be able to implement the service for the rest of them – states Markiewicz. PKO Bank Polski, Alior Bank, Millenium, Bank Zachodni WBK, ING Bank Śląski, and mBank are expected to launch the service as soon as it launches, which is set to come halfway through this year.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the feature could turn out to be very convenient for fans of mobile banking, so good luck to BLIK with its implementation! Stay tuned with your bank’s newsletter if you’re looking forward to the service, as they’ll surely let you know once it becomes available.


For more information about BLIK, check out their website.