Online marketing agency Up&More has decided to bet their ranch on carsharing. The company has just begun their collaboration with a new player in the business – Easyshare. Based in Poznań, Easyshare stands out from the rest with their ecological outview, as their fleet of rental cars consists of hybrid Toyota Yaris vehicles.

Carsharing the perfect supplement to the bike sharing market. The customer pays only when they’re actually using the vehicle – per each kilometer, and per each minute. We guarantee that our cars are always tanked, clean, insured, and “a smartphone away”. Additionally, we’ve established over 100 parking spaces all around Poznań reserved exclusively for our fleet. – says Aneta Ogrodniczek, Head of the Board at Easyshare.

Easyshare’s offer states that, apart from the ecology-friendly factor, their services are also cheaper than the ones of taxi agencies and other online-based car carriers due to what they call their “Sharing Economy”. Each started kilometer costs 0.80 PLN, and each minute of driving adds another 0.50 PLN. In case the client decides to run errands and park the Easyshare car somewhere, each minute of layover costs another 0.10 PLN per minute. There’s no need to worry about additional parking charges, or gas – the company takes care of these charges.

As for Up&More, the agency deals in developing campaigns which aim to increase a brand’s visibility and earn them as many new clients as possible. In order to attract new users to their client’s applications and services, Up&More employs the use of Google’s Universal App Campaign, as well as Facebook Ads and their own tools customised to fit the app installation format.

Now, we’re hoping to reach new potential customers and encourage them to try out our ecology-friendly cars. We’ve decided to partner with the Up&More agency due to their sizable experience in promoting mobile apps. Currently, the installation of our application, and further active usage of it appears to be the biggest barrier we need to break to reach new clients. – adds Ogrodniczek.

The first stage of Easyshare’s collaboration with Up&More will last until the end of April 2018.

For more information about Easyshare, feel free to visit their website. More information about Up&More’s work can be found on their official page.