Virtual Reality technology is no longer restricted to the gaming world – the medical community has noticed its vast potential and is taking its first steps to incorporate the innovation into its industries. InventionMed has just appointed a special Science Council which will be tasked with the development of new VR-based medical projects in the area of aesthetic and medical dermatology, as well as substantive supervision of the sector.

The NewConnect-listed company has decided to focus its activity on the development of advanced medical simulators which would enable further training of doctors, medical students, and cosmetologists. The technology would employ scenarios varying in difficulty and personal preferences. InventionMed states that developing this kind of software would create a brand new workshop environment of training for future medical professionals.

The Virtual Technology market is one of the fastest growing technological sectors in the world. We’ve noticed the opportunities in the expectations of the modern healthcare sectors, and we’re working hard on developing new technologies which would support new medical solutions, and provide necessary training for medical staff. – says Tomasz Kierul, Chairman of the Board at InventionMed.

Virtual and Augmented Reality technology is gaining importance in the sphere of modern medical sciences. The development of medical simulators could enable medical professionals to train their skills in performing complicated procedures before a need of using them on real patients would arise.  We believe that such an invention would significantly affect the efficiency and speed of training specialists in the healthcare industry. – adds Kierul.

So where does the Science Council come in? The team will be tasked with compiling a list of potential medical scenarios which would be suitable for VR, as well as substantive support in the development of unique solutions in adapting the VR technology for the simulation of dermatological procedures. InventionMed has made a point to gather absolute experts in the field to ensure that the council’s work will be effective. By mixing our technological background with the in-depth knowledge of our experts when it comes to dermatology and surgery, we’ll be able to create simulations of highest quality. – explains Tomasz Kierul.

With the establishment of the Science Council, the next step for InventionMed’s board will be to present their future development strategy. So far, the company has announced that it’s planning to spend around 8 million Zloty for the development of VR tech over the course of three years.