BlockYard Conference - Investing, Mining, Trading

April 13th 2018

Centrum Stocznia Gdańska

Wałowa 27A

Gdańsk, Poland

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About the Event

Debates about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have dominated the business world in the past few months. The rise of the controversial technology has divided many fintech-oriented people – while some consider it to be an innovation comparable to the Internet itself, many aren’t so convinced, and bring up the possible nightmare scenarios involving cryptocurrencies. In any case, there’s a lot to talk about, and you’ll get a chance to do just that at the upcoming BlockYard conference in Gdańsk.

On April 13th, hundreds of Blockchain enthusiasts will gather in Gdańsk at Centrum Stocznia Gdańska to discuss everything revolving around the topic. The conference will be divided into two tracks: Novice and Advanced, so that every attendee will find something of interest.

Regardless of your stance on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you’ll surely find something of interest among the various topics prepared for the conference. The attendants who aren’t well-versed in the technology will get a full-on primer on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including aspects of security, reasons for mining, and a tutorial on buying bitcoin. As for the advanced track, the talks will revolve around topics such as mine management, blockchain in practice, distributed consensus algorithms, as well as the future of cryptocurrency.   

BlockYard will also house numerous experts of the field at the conference, including Gabriel Dusil – the Co-Founder and General Manager at Adel Ecosystem Ltd, the founder and CEO of Crypto Syndicate – Sergey Voropaev, Raj Chowdhury of HashHas Consultants, Iqbal Gandham of eToro UK, Alex Schkor – the CEO and founder of the decentralized research platform DEIP, and Mukhtar Musssabetov of BlockSpace Labs Inc. As for the Polish side of Blockchain, you’ll also get to hear from Szczepan Bentyn, the first Pole to create a personal token – BentynCoin, which has increased in value by 6000% over the course of a single year, and Łukasz Żegligowski – the CEO Founder and Software Engineer at easyMINE.


Interested? For more information, as well as tickets for the event, head to BlockYard’s website.