The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) has decided to invest in its first ever chat bot. With the help of  MoveApp’s mobile app experts, they’ve decided to develop a digital assistant able to provide investors and stock market enthusiasts with instant access to stock data and industry related news.

If the GPW Assistant sounds like something you could use, there’s a big chance you won’t even need to make extra room for it on your smartphone – all you need is Facebook’s Messenger app. The bot works as a contact within the application, and employs the use of artificial intelligence and chat functionalities of the app. Once the user messages the GPW Assistant with, let’s say, a name of a company, they will receive all sorts of current stock-related information about it, such as current quotations and periodic reports.

GPW’s bot is meant to become a virtual assistant, providing simple and quick access to stock exchange data. Eventually, it will also be able to bring up stock market charts, and enable clients to request individual push notifications regarding specific listed companies. – says Bartosz Brażewicz-Dosiółko, MoveApp’s Creative Director.

MoveApp is a well-known entity within the industry, having developed over 100 original projects for both iOS and Android. The company portfolio includes clients such as Adidas, Microsoft, Żabka, Allegro, and Huawei, and their work has been awarded at Mobile Trends Awards, Golden Arrow, and Impactor. As for The GPW Assistant, MoveApp assures that the tool will be constantly expanded with new functions useful for both investors and new stock exchange aficionados alike.

Warsaw’s Stock Exchange is the biggest securities exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, and operates one of the most dynamically growing capital markets on the continent. The GPW’s venture into the world of chatbots signals their interest in moving towards new technologies. Realizing projects such as The GPW Assistant enables us to incorporate new technologies and communication solutions in our systems. We hope that the bot will serve as an interesting supplement to the GPW mobile app and the GPWTr@der Platform. – stated Justyna Rachańska, acting Communications and Marketing Director at GPW.


For more information about the GPW Assistant, head to GPW’s website.