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March 24th-25th


rondo Ziętka 1

Katowice, Poland

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About the Event

Are you feeling a little lost every time your business-savvy acquaintances drift off into discussions about cryptocurrencies? Or maybe you’re interested in the topic, but aren’t quite sure how to approach the subject of actually investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the lesser-known currencies? If any of these queries have crossed your mind lately, a weekend in Katowice at #DreamBigNow could be just what you need.

On March 24th and 25th, #DreamBigNow’s team are organizing a two-day primer course on all things Blockchain. The condensed course is aimed at anyone truly interested in the topic of investing in cryptocurrencies. Topics discussed at the event will include risk assessment, trends in the industry, ways in which the blockchain infrastructure could expand in the future, and, maybe most importantly, how to actually make money off this thing.

#DreamBigNow’s organizers promise a meticulously prepared programme, interesting talks, good-quality catering, and an one-of-a-kind chance to network among a group of seasoned investors. Each participant will also receive a certificate at the end of the knowledge-filled weekend.

As for the agenda, the first day of #DreamBigNow will focus on the future of Bitcoin with a talk by founder and editor in chief of Cyfrowa Ekonomia, Daniel Haczyk. Tomasz Przybycień of RemoteDay Trader Group will share tips on effectively analysing the cryptocurrency market, while financial law expert Łukasz Gajdecki will talk about safe methods of fund management, as well as legal aspects to consider before investing. The first day of the event will finish with a blockchain startup event, followed by an after party where the participants will get an opportunity to get acquainted with seasoned blockchain aficionados.

On Sunday, participants will get a look into the psychology of a potential cryptocurrency investor from psychologist Aleksandra Żyłkowska. Later, BitBay’s CEO Sylwester Suszek will give a primer on cryptocurrency stock exchange. Finally, the event will be wrapped up by #DreamBigNow’s own Marek Lesz, who will round up current promising investment projects.

Overall, the event sounds like a perfect educational weekend getaway for anyone who’s considering diving into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. According to #DreamBigNow’s website, there aren’t many tickets left, so act now if you’re interested!