As many of you are probably aware, bees are very much in trouble due to the current state of the Earth. With their vital role not only in nature, but also the human food supply, even the slightest chance of their extinction is something we can’t ignore. Saatchi and Saatchi IS have decided to collaborate with the City Bees organization to develop “Bee Saving Paper”, which could potentially help our striped friends survive in the modern world.

You may be wondering: why exactly are bees endangered? In order to reach suitable plants to pollinate, the insects need to travel long distances, which tires them out to the point where they often don’t reach their destinations. Large industrial and urban areas are not the ideal habitat for the species, and we only keep expanding them as years go by. Rural areas are often not much better due to the widespread use of pesticides. In Poland alone, 222 out of 469 kinds of bees are currently considered to be endangered.

So how could the Bee Saving Paper help? The material has been designed to give the insects a shot of energy due to its glucose and Lady Phacelia seed contents – the latter is a honey plant bees absolutely love. The paper is not sticky, not flammable, and best of all – biodegradable, which means that eventually it may contribute to turning into a new bee-friendly energy spot in the form of a plant.

Saatchi & Saatchi IS have also come up with a way to attract bees to the product – the paper is coated with a layer of eco-friendly, water-based UV paint, which forms patterns meant to lure the insects to the material by imitating a ‘bee landing zone’ in the form of a meadow.. However, bees are not the only ones who may find the products attractive – due to its form, Bee Saving Paper may also be used commercially.

Currently, the inventors of Bee Saving Paper are looking for companies who would be willing to incorporate the paper into their products. The possibilities are endless – from car parking tickets and coffee cup sleeves, to paper shopping bags, or product labels.

For more information about the product, check out the Bee Saving Paper’s website. Let’s keep a hivemind on this one!

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