Photovoltaic systems, also known as solar panels, have a lot going for them. Apart from being a locally-sourced, renewable energy source, they’re also inobtrusive for the environment, do not release any pollution, or deplete natural resources. So why haven’t we all converted to using them? While some of it comes down to solar energy being a variable source, the biggest barrier comes in the form of money, as photovoltaic systems are generally quite expensive. The BGŻ BNP Paribas Bank has joined forces with innogy Polska to potentially ease the transformation with their new loan program.

The two companies have designed a loan deal for individual clients, breaking up the cost of investing in a photovoltaic system into an installment plan. Taking advantage of the program enables clients to finance the entirety of the installation at innogy Polska, and the payment can be divided into as many as 120 installments.

BGŻ BNP Paribas is working actively to develop a loan offer dedicated to financing renewable energy sources. The installment plan we have developed with innogy Polska is a simple and convenient solution for natural persons who want to instantly take advantage of the savings coming from these eco-friendly systems. – says Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Director of Sales Consumer Finance Line at BGŻ BNP Paribas Bank.

Well-planned and executed actions towards a low-emission economy not only bring tangible ecological effects, but also provide new impulses to the development of our economy. All of these issues play well into the social mission of the BNP Paribas Group. – adds Wojciechowski.

As for the popularity of solar energy in Poland, it seems to be on the rise – innogy Polska reports that they have added over 12,5 thousand new micro installations to the network in the last year alone. Despite the vast interest of our consumers when it comes to the subject, financing the installation still poses a barrier. – states Michał Skorupa, Chief of Photovoltaic Projects at innogy Polska.

In order to apply for a loan meant to finance photovoltaic systems, a client needs to attach a contract, an estimate, or an installation project including a price list in order to justify the amount of the requested loan.  BGŻ BNP Bank offers loans of up to 60 thousand PLN for the cause, which can be broken up into installments throughout 3 to 120 months.

For more information about photovoltaic installations, head to innogy Polska’s website.