If you’re smartphone-savvy to any degree, the thought of “text messaging” most likely makes you think of social media communicators. With our phones being connected to the Internet virtually 24/7, most of us have reserved our the somewhat-outdated SMS and MMS use for older family members. This fact may soon change with the introduction of RCS.

In case you haven’t heard of the upcoming technology, Rich Communication Services, or RCS, is supposed to vastly improve the capabilities of our messaging systems.  As for the new functions, RMS is capable of holding group conversations where any participant can sign a message with their location, share multimedia files of up to 100 MB, or be notified when any of their conversation partners read their messages. While all of that can be done with social media messaging apps such as Facebook’s Messenger, RCS will not require the user to sign into any social media platform, as it will base on a smartphone’s built-in OS.

Developers at Google are still in the process of  developing the messaging system, but the tech giant has reached out to a Poland-based platform called SerwerSMS.pl to aid them with the testing process as a part of the Early Access Program.

While the technology is not quite ready to be released to the public, Google’s collaboration with SerwerSMS.pl is bound to speed things up. When can we expect to test the technology out ourselves? According to our data, we can expect [RMS to come out] at the end of this year, however, currently the technology is still being thoroughly tested and improved upon– says Daniel Zawiliński, the Managing Director of SerwerSMS.pl

RCS’s developers also bring attention to the fact that the messaging system will also find an use in business environments. The multimedia aspect of the technology could possibly push out the use of commercial emailing and really change the game for mobile campaign creators.

Are you excited for the Rich Communication Services to be released? The technology could really change the way we use built-in phone text messaging on a daily basis. For more information about SerwerSMS.pl, head to their website.