New technologies have helped us conquer the world and explore space. But when it comes to the human body, things are a little trickier. For some problems we don’t have answers for yet; for some of them we might never do. However, there’s hope in early identification of changes in our body, which might help minimise the consequences or treat the problem completely.

Let me tell you just how important it is when it comes to breast cancer. Over 50% of women learn about their illness too late. Every minute a woman dies of it. 75% of women with breast cancer were not even in the risk group and yet… These statistics alone should alarm you enough to set up a doctor’s appointment for yourself or the women you care about. But we all know how hectic and busy life is. Health always seems to come second. What can we do to change that?

Braster is an innovative medical device for a comfortable in-home breast examination. How does it work? Cancerous cells have an increased metabolism and create a dense capillary network. They create higher temperature focal points which are visible on contact thermography. That’s where Braster comes in. It monitors the distribution of temperature in the breasts and records the changed areas. Thanks to this technology, you can do a reliable monthly self-examination and receive results without leaving your home. Sounds too good to be true? But it really works.

The brains behind Braster are the best researchers from Polish universities and institutes, headed by Henryk Jaremek, Ph.D. and Jacek Stępień, Ph.D. In 2007 they developed a breakthrough method of using liquid crystals and contact thermography for breast cancer diagnostics.

Braster uses technologies complementary to standard diagnostic methods. Its matrix registers changes as small as 3mm in size. What’s more, the examination lasts only 15 minutes and is absolutely safe, since the device doesn’t use radiation. Women who have had mammography will appreciate that a session with Braster is also painless. Combined with other examinations done properly and regularly, you have a much better chance of preventing a serious illness.

Want to hear more? Braster is super easy to use. Once you’ve bought your set, you have to activate it and download the free Braster Care app on your smartphone or tablet. After that, you perform the examination and send the data to the Braster Telemedical Center via the app. You will receive your result within two days. And… that’s it!

Braster really is definitely a revolutionary tool in breast cancer prevention. Hopefully it’ll become a part of every household soon!