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AltcoinCracow : Cardano - Beyond Ethereum

April 5th at 6 PM – 9 PM


Aleja Pokoju 1a

Kraków, Poland

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About the Event


We’re sure that most of you are all too familiar with the logistics of Bitcoin and Ethereum by now, but have you heard of Cardano? Also associated with the codename ADA, named after the famous Ada Lovelace, the third generation of cryptocurrency promises to solve all of the setbacks of its older siblings. AltcoinCracow aims to familiarize their audiences with the blockchain tech at their newest event, coming up on April 5th.

Held entirely in English, the meeting will start off with a presentation from Marek Stopka, who has been involved in the world of blockchain since 2011. Stopka is currently developing his own Cardano exchange, aptly named ADA trade. During his talk, he will provide a real primer on Cardano, familiarizing the audience with its developers and organizational structure. Stopka will also aim to compare the currency to those of competing projects.

The meeting is completely free of charge, and after the presentation, participants can expect a discussion revolving around cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Cardano as a whole. “Cardano – Beyond Ethereum” is meant to kick off a series of events hosted by AltcoinCracow, all of which will revolve around the themes of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Interested? Respond to the Facebook Event and save it to your calendar. See you there!