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Let’s be honest: No one likes paperwork. Endless printing, signing, sending and archiving pieces upon pieces of paper annoys pretty much everyone you’d ask, and isn’t eco-friendly. What if I told you there’s an answer to our problems?

Umownik is an app/website that allows you to create, negotiate and conclude contracts online without signature. Sounds unreal? But it’s true! Every contract you create is fully legal, as the Civil Code allows legal documents in digital format. What’s more, you don’t even need an e-signature to authorise it. Now concluding a contract won’t take more than five minutes. Yay!

The idea behind the app is to facilitate all the paperwork. The templates of the contracts are created by experienced lawyers/attorneys, without any ‘fine print’ you need to worry about. What’s more, thanks to Umownik you and your contractors can access all the contacts 24/7, because they’re archived indefinitely on the server. No more “I didn’t get a written confirmation”s! To draft a contract, the sides only need to add their PESEL (the national identification number used in Poland). The rest of personal information is added when the contract is concluded. Each document is easily identifiable by its unique numerical code and a QR code. This way, the chances of forgery fall significantly.

Umownik is also eco-friendly and it saves your money. Now that you don’t have to print and send all those contracts, you’re not only saving as much as 20% on office supplies each year, but you also help the environment. It’s a win-win!

The creators of Umownik, Hubert Śniatała and Bartłomiej Majchrzak, have a background in economy and law, respectively. They are backed up by a legal and an IT team. They published Umownik in 2017, and an updated version has just been released.

Why not give it a go? The app is free, and available for Android and iOS.