We put all our efforts into creating increasingly bigger, higher, and more modern spaces. What many people seem to not thinks about is keeping them clean and presentable in the long run. It’s a real feat! Since practically all the work is done manually, it’s time-consuming and the quality of cleaning may still leave a lot to be desired. To change that, additional staff and longer hours would be required. These, of course, would generate extra costs, which no one wants to pay.

As all the focus is on the more “prestigious” industries, the cleaning industry is left on its own. It desperately needs technological advancements that would help introduce standardisation of the cleaning process and thus reduce additional costs.

Years of experience in the cleaning industry have given Martin Cudzilo some ideas of what to do. In 2006 he created AR-CHECK. It’s a patented wearable cleaning system that uses intelligent, AR-based goggles to tell you where and how to clean. Now, after years of testing and perfecting the device, it’s available for everyone. So how does it work?

First of all, AR-CHECK reduces the need for additional assistance in bureaucratic and personnel processes. It organises, directs, and supervises all tasks, including when and in what order they should be performed. The employee is guided through the whole cleaning process; they are given a step-by-step guide, a list of appropriate cleaning materials and other helpful information, all displayed in their field of vision.

Through the glasses, the cleaner can see the areas requiring cleaning in red. Once they are cleaned, the colour changes to green. What’s more, AR-CHECK can spot any mistakes immediately. It detects whether the cleaner is using appropriate devices and cleaning products. It’s even able to tell whether devices such as vacuum cleaners are turned on and whether the appropriate pressure has been applied for effective cleaning. Each work step executed or missed, as well as mistakes, are recorded for further analysis. AR-CHECK marks the task complete only after the cleaning has been done properly. All that to ensure high quality of the service and optimise the time needed to perform it. Invoicing your services has just got easier!

AR-CHECK also makes the onboarding process for new employees a lot easier. No additional personal assistance is needed because all the necessary information is displayed by the smart goggles.

Though it seems inconspicuous, AR-CHECK is truly revolutionary. It provides support cleaning services probably didn’t even know they needed. Now, everyone can benefit from it. Here’s to the future!