We all know how irritating chargers are. The cables tangle, get lost or break all the time. We forget them constantly, and then find ourselves without a means of communication when we really need it.

That’s where Whirla comes in, helping us take yet another step towards smart cities. The startup equips premises with wireless chargers. You don’t have to frantically look for a power outlet and worry about short cables. You can easily charge your phone while waiting for a concert, or filling up the car, or waiting for a concert. Life-saving, right?

What about the business owner perspective? Well, Whirla’s services are dedicated mainly to HoReCa businesses, offices, and public spaces. The system allows you to provide the newest technological solutions while maintaining the original aesthetics of the furniture since all the cables necessary to the functioning of the chargers are hidden under surfaces. This also guarantees that this solution is waterproof and safe from damage, which is especially important in eating spaces.

Whirla can work with interior designers from the earliest stages of creating the premises or install the equipment within the existing infrastructure. The team consists of programmers, engineers, and designers, so they can easily tailor their services to your needs, and implement even the most unconventional projects.

Whirla devices are working in the fastest standard available – QI 1.2, providing a charging speed similar to the cable chargers. Well, but what about people who have an older mobile phone model, without the wireless charging option? Don’t worry, they can benefit from the wireless charging technology too. Simply provide an adapter or a special case for those users.

For an additional fee, Whirla also offers an option of displaying dedicated messages to the users who are using the chargers. It’s a great way to boost your business!

“This solution is especially beneficial for those areas which have low app install rates due to limited communication. Moreover, it helps promote apps created by companies which are going ‘digital’, such as banking institutions,” said Michał Żółkiewski, CEO Whirla.

Whirla devices also collect data. You can use it to create charging heatmaps, for example. And if the Whirla API is integrated into your application, you can learn more about your users and create more targeted ads.

So far, you can use Whirla devices at Moya gas stations or Orange Smart Store in Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw. The chargers were also available during Orange Warsaw Festival in 2017, where the concert-goers could use them in the Orange Zone.

Hopefully, we’ll see this technology in use in more places soon!