Are your R&D activities in dire need of funding? We have some good news – the Polish National Centre for Research and Development is about to launch the fourth edition of their “application projects” competition. The institution is looking to award projects born out of cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs, and this time, there’s 200 million Zloty at stake.

We want the growth of the Polish economy to base on research conducted by Polish scientists. – said Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin.

The project aims to support research and development initiatives which will in turn create or vastly improve products and technologies. As for the focus of the contest, the organizers have not pointed to a single specialization they’re looking to fund, so representatives of various innovation fields are welcome to apply for the initiative, as long as their area of research can be found on the list of the National Smart Specialisations.

Applications for funding may only be made by consortia consisting of up to 5 subjects, which need to include at least one scientific unit, and at least one enterprise. Due to the focus on cooperation between science and industry, the proposed projects need to include plans for industrial research, as well as experimental development work.

We’ve found that the involvement of scientists is what often becomes the competitive advantage of Polish undertakings. Our companies have learned how to use and value the work the R&D sector. They invest in innovations, but also give them shape which later enables these projects to successfully enter the market.– says professor Maciej Chorowski, NCBR’s director.

The formula of the project is tried and true – throughout its past three editions, 85 projects were funded, gaining a total investment of nearly 416 million Zloty. The current edition will add another 200 million to the pool. The previous editions have provided funding support to projects such as the development of medicinal products for bees, new polygraphic technologies, and intelligent traffic signs, which we have written about earlier this month.

In case your R&D activity isn’t quite ready for show, you still have some time to give it some love before submitting an application. NCBR will open its doors for applicants on May 16th, and is planning to close the process a month later. For more information, feel free to check out NCBR’s website.