#HackTravelLabs Ryanair Hackathon

May, 12-13th

Travel Labs Poland

Świętego Mikołaja 19

Wroclaw, Poland


About the Event

Love to travel? Ryanair and ChallengeRocket.com want to make your journey even better, and you can help with that! Sign up for the #HackTravelLabs Ryanair Hackathon organised on May 12-13.

We all know and love Ryanair. It’s Europe’s number one airline for a reason, providing over 2000 flights from 85 locations daily at really wallet-friendly prices. Now they want to build the next generation of digital travel products for their staff and customers! That’s why they’re inviting programmers, graphic designers, project managers, engineers, and all enthusiasts of new technologies to participate in the hackathon.

What is Ryanair looking for? The possibilities are endless! You can try your hand at creating an app that suggests travel destinations based on social media profiles or a chatbot that is available to customers 24/7. How about an end-to-end security luggage transfer platform powered by blockchain? Or an aviation-themed game for children who get bored quickly? Check Ryanair’s presentation for more inspiration!

So how does it work? First, you have to round up a team of 2-5 people. No team but want to participate? No problem; register anyway and they’ll assign you to one on the day of the hackathon. On Saturday, once everyone’s grouped up, the teams will have 5 minutes to present their idea to the jury. Then the work can begin. The participants will get a chance to work with Ryanair’s API, for which they’ll be awarded bonus points. The submissions close by 2 pm on Sunday. After that, the teams will present the effects of their hard work and the jury will deliberate. At 4 pm the winner will be announced.

What’s in it for your team? Well, how about flights to a value of 8000 PLN? Yup, that sounds definitely awesome!

So, if you’re free next weekend, help to make travelling even faster and more convenient! Register here and see you in Wroclaw!