Instead, ImpactCEE will be a participant of HLTH „The future of healthcare”, the leading event for innovation in healthcare, which takes place on May 6-9, 2018 in The Aria, Las Vegas. It is an unprecedented, large-scale forum for individuals, companies, and policy-makers who are reshaping the healthcare industry to learn, collaborate and evolve, so we could not miss it.

About the event

The event is unique in bringing together all the key stakeholders, ranging from startups, big pharma companies, private investors, as well as representatives from the government, media, payers, providers, and employers. The mission of such a multi-faceted meeting is to drive substantial reductions in the healthcare costs and dramatic increases in the healthcare quality. But that is not all, for example the perfect value added for small companies is a possibility to show investors their ideas during the accompanying events, such as Startup Pitch Contest (each company will have just three minutes to pitch and three minutes for Q&A with the judges and everyone will compete for prizes totalling $50,000) and Funding Founders (a networking program with 1:1 meeting with the leading investors). On the other hand, investors can find the latest innovations, meet the greatest young scientists and evaluate their potential in the context of the market.

About the organiser

What is interesting, HLTH is led by Jonathan Weiner, who is also the Founder of Money20/20, which organizes the world’s largest consumer payments and FinTech events and Shoptalk, which organizes the world’s most important events for retail and e-commerce innovation. Before that,  Jonathan was the Global Head of BD for Google Wallet & Payments at Google, which he joined following Google’s 2012 acquisition of his VC-backed startup, TxVia. He is also a venture partner at Oak HC/FT, a $1 billion growth equity venture fund. At the moment, Jonathan and other experts in healthcare and innovation industry are forming a team in their offices in New York. The team is responsible for organizing a new, large-scale, industry event that will create a much-needed dialogue focused on disruptive innovation in healthcare – HLTH „The Future of Healthcare”.

HLTH in figures – you will be impressed!

* 3,000+ attendees,

* 550+ pioneering CEOs and Founders,

* 375+ speakers,

* 150+ companies as exhibitors or sponsors,

* 100+ groundbreaking sessions across more than a dozen tracks in agenda,

* 4 days of conference, discussions, networking, contests and many more accompanying events.

Why are we going there?

There are a few reasons. As you probably know, we are organising the most important event in the future of digital economy for startups, big companies, scientists and public officials in this part of Europe – Impact. It is easy to see similarities between our congress and the HLTH taking into account the main topics, the target groups, and the interdisciplinary character within high-tech branches of economy. So, first of all, we are going there in search of skill sharing and inspirations for what could be done better. We are aware of the fact that technology transfer and cooperation between science and business are not at the highest level in Poland and we would like to follow the examples of the best – the United States and the most important conferences organised there.

Impact’18 (June 13-14, 2018 in Cracow) is approaching fast and almost everything is buttoned up, including the list of speakers, but we have to start thinking about Impact next year! Yes, you read correctly – it is a ceaseless effort to create interesting agenda and invite an international bunch of experts. So, we hope that during the upcoming HLTH we will initiate fruitful business talks and effective networking in order to encourage the most fitted speakers to also be a part of our event.

In the context of HLTH we are especially interested in developing one of our tracks – „biotechnology & digital health”. Biotechnology plays a fundamental role in forming modern health care. During Impact’18 we are going to discuss the main areas of research and investments in Life Science. So far we have a wide range of key speakers from all over the world such as Ronald Park, Vice President, Global Product Strategy Head for Personalized Healthcare in Roche, Rory O’Connor, Chief Medical Officer in Pfizer, Marek Tyl, CEO Innovation Forum and many others. In order to at least maintain a pretty high level in subsequent years we need to participate in events such as HLTH.

See you soon

We are really excited to be a part of such a big and prestigious event. To find out more about the HLTH „The future of healthcare”, head to its website or facebook profile Also, follow our media because we are going to give you an account of our work there. So, stay tuned.


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