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Whether you’re a fan of cities or nature, you can get a bit of everything when you visit Małopolska. This year’s Impact’18 host region has long been one of the most popular destinations in Poland for both domestic and foreign tourists. Just last year, 15,9M people visited the region; that’s 1M more than the previous year. According to the latest report, the profits from tourist activity in Małopolska add up to 13,5M PLN. Tourists are very enthusiastic about their stay in the region. Nearly 99 per cent of the visitors would recommend it to their family and friends, while over 97 per cent would visit again.

Plus, it’s super easy to get there. MPL Balice, an international airport, is located just outside Krakow. It’s the second busiest airport in Poland in terms of passenger traffic. In 2017, over 5,8M people chose it as their transit or terminal destination. That is 17 per cent more than the previous year. The total number of arrivals and departures in 2017 is 46 264 — 10 per cent more as compared to 2016. In 2018, the passenger traffic is expected to rise by another 9 per cent.

So what is it about Małopolska that draws all those people? Above all, it’s a region that’s extremely rich in history and culture, as well as in beautiful natural scenery. Tourists have so many options to choose from, it’s hard to pack it all in just a few days (that’s why we recommend a longer stay ;)). The region is a unique mix of tourist attractions, cultural events, great cuisine, and a history lesson waiting for you around every corner.

The local government is well aware of Małopolska’s importance in and outside the country, that’s why they make tourism a priority in their plans for the region’s development. Each year, new initiatives are launched to enhance the tourist experience by improving services and products and extending the offer.

Some of the projects currently being carried out include: more cultural and cyclical themed events, new hiking trails, and renovation of historical buildings. The local government believe that this effort will pay off, and Małopolska will become the most attractive tourist destination in Poland. Seeing as the number of visitors has been steadily on the rise since 2009, they are certainly on a good path.

So, whether you are planning a short business trip or a longer vacation with family or friends, Małopolska is the perfect place to consider. Pack your bags; as for all the rest  — we’ve got you covered!

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