Recently, Polityka Insight — Poland’s leading analytical service for business leaders, policymakers, and diplomats  — has published their annual National Champions Ranking. You might ask what the purpose of such a ranking is. Well, the champions have a very important role in our society; they are what glues it together.

How come? They are vital for the country’s economy, and so, they are what motivates others to work on their enterprises too. They are the best, or one of the best, company in the industry. And more than that, since their position and finances are secure, they can put a lot of attention and funding in researching innovative solutions and products. The champions are also very active in the international arena, and proudly represent Poland outside our borders.

Polpharma found itself among the top 10 Champions, on the 6th place. Congratulations! The other companies were: KGHM, PKN Orlen, PGNIG, Ciech, Synthos, Asseco, Comarch, Azoty, and Boryszew.

“Polpharma is an undeniable partner of Polish economy, and contributes to its development thanks to our valuable knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies. Our greatest asset as a national champion is innovation. We are constantly investing in new, necessary solutions for the patients. As a Group, we invested 11.4% of our revenue in R&D just in 2017. In 2018 this number will reach almost 14%,” says Markus Sieger, CEO Polpharma.

One of the subcategories in which the companies were ranked was Innovativeness. Here, Polpharma took the 3rd place, overtaking PKN Orlen, Synthos, and Energa. When it comes to operating outside Poland, the pharmaceutical company was ranked 5th. All in all, these results prove that Polpharma is a dynamic and successful company. We wish them luck in all the future endeavours!

We’re also lucky because Polpharma is the official partner of Impact’18, which will take place very soon — on June 13th & 14th in Krakow! It’s not too late to register. See you there!