Over the recent years, the business world has been saturated with talk of digitalization as the thing to strive for in order to get ahead of the game. According to SAP Polska experts, the concept may soon become a relic of the past, as we enter the era of Intelligent Enterprise.

In 2018 alone, financial institutions from all over the world are expected to spend 450 billion dollars on IT. On the other hand, according to IDC data, manufacturing companies have topped the 2017 ranks when it came to spending on the Internet of Things. This is a reflection of changes in production processes, where the data where the data analytics from connected devices and the prediction of events becomes a necessity. It is from such new needs that the immediate future of the business world is born, based on intelligent implementations of technology – explains Tomasz Niebylski, Presales Director at SAP Polska.

So, what does the term of Intelligent Enterprises entail? As reported by SAP, Intelligent Enterprises will employ the use of algorithms meant to make our work as seamless as possible by making it accessible to us from any device, at any time. According to SAP, the IE would then be able to prioritize the work ahead, make solution recommendations along the way, and even handle simple tasks automatically. Additionally, the system would also be able to analyze patterns present throughout the workload in order to propose solutions which would increase efficiency later on.

Once implemented, the technology could very much transform entire segments of the business world. The changes can already be observed in the manufacturing industry, which utilizes many of the IoT technologies. For example, Caterpillar mining vehicles now employ the use of sensors able to not only collect information on potential failures and work efficiency, but also predict failures and needed repairs.

Another example of the technology in action can be seen in HR. International clothing company Brooks Brothers has decided to implement the SAP SuccessFactors system, which functions as an online platform accessible to managers and employees from every branch of the enterprise. The system allows Brooks Brothers to manage work productivity, oversee the skill development of their employees, and automatically implement standardized onboarding solutions in many countries at once. As for the results, their efforts did not go unrewarded –  the company has observed a general increase in team productivity of about 50%. Talk about efficiency!

Lastly, it does not come as a surprise that Intelligent Enterprises could find a home in the world of finance. According to Hackett Group, 90% of financial leaders believe that the digital revolution will fundamentally change the way financial services are delivered. The popularity of technologies such as mobile computing, big data, robotic process automation, and cloud services is expected to grow dramatically in the near future. According to IDC’s data, the financial sector is expected to spend 450 billion dollars over the course of 2018.

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