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Hey, do you remember the Kraków Technology Park (KPT)? We’ve talked about it in a recent post about the Małopolska region. It’s a complete one-stop-shop for business operating in Poland. The huge area at the Park’s disposal is offered up for office rentals greenfield investments to Polish and foreign enterprises. KPT helps them develop better and faster. All that aims to promote the economic advantages of Poland outside its borders and boost the economy here in Poland.

In June 2016 KPT became a partner of the 3DCentral project. It’s a part of the Interreg Central Europe programme, whose aim is to cooperate across the borders to make the participating countries a better place to live and work.

The primary objective of the project is to support the development of fast prototyping and smart engineering technology. The trouble is, while there’s a solid knowledge base in the CE area, it’s not really structured and connected. 3DCentral aims to change that, and connect all the smaller regions of innovation in a stable network. Thus, they will establish Knowledge Axis Central Europe (KACE) which will boost CEE’s overall innovative capacity.

To do that, the partnering entities have to reduce the differences present at the regional level. The objective is to work out repeatable, expandable and applicable technologies and processes, which can be implemented anywhere in the Axis. Knowledge, transfer and innovation management are just a few areas 3DCentral is focusing on, and the results will positively impact all the partnering countries.

Why is that? The cooperation between regions is key to creating smart solutions that will not only give Central and Eastern Europe a competitive edge, but will also answer their individual challenges, in areas such as low-emission economy, environment, culture, and transport.

3DCentral project’s budget is over €1,7M, provided by the European Regional Development Fund. KPT is just one of the many partners of the project among which you’ll also find Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Hungary. The 3DCentral project will end on 30th November 2018.

KPT is a Partner of Impact’18. Come and meet their representatives during the Final Conference of 3DCentral Project, which is part of the Industry 4.0 track. Save the date – it’s this week, on 13th & 14th June in Krakow! It’s not too late to get your pass!