It is an undeniable fact that investors play a vital role in the development of every company, and fostering a good, transparent relationship with them is incredibly important in the life of a business. If you need convincing, and wouldn’t mind hearing a real success story in this department, you won’t need to look far -– PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna (the Polish Energy Group) (“PGE”) has just been awarded the 2018 Extel Award for Best Investor Relations in Poland.

To put things in perspective, Extel is considered the most representative ranking of investor relations throughout Europe. What makes their rankings special is the methodology of their surveys. In order to assemble their annual rankings, Extel gathers the votes of major league investors, stock managers, market analysts from brokerage houses, management funds, and banks. Their results function as a real reflection of the industry – the final report takes into account the votes from over 11 thousand investors, 2.5 thousand fund managing institutions, and nearly 250 banks and brokerage houses.

As for PGE, this year’s distinction from Extel does not come as a surprise – the Polish energy sector company has has been known to value investor relations for years. As stated on their website, their philosophy on the matter can be summed up as “doing more than the legislation requires” in order to foster “transparency and cooperation based on mutual trust”. Given the scope of the investor-friendly materials available on the site, the claim is hard to deny. PGE’s online portfolio really does function as an up-to-date compendium for potential investors and market analysts. It is full of comprehensive information about the company’s current activities, as well as its future plans.

PGE’s focus on the IR sector is far from a recent trend, and their newly acquired Extel Award is not the first time that their vigorous efforts been noticed on a larger scale. In 2016, the company had published an Integrated Report, which gained them an IR Magazine nomination in the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Communications category.

Building on the long-term value of our company takes into account not only our business priorities, but also considers long-lasting relations with our surroundings – [relations which we want to base] on trust, transparency, and dialogue. [Above all], PGE aims to be a good neighbor, and a partner on all levels of activity. – stated Henryk Baranowski, the President of the Management Board of PGE, in the press release accompanying the 2016 report.

Congrats to PGE on their win! The full list of Extel’s 2018 laureates can be viewed on their website.

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna is Impact’18 Supreme Partner.