The Polish biotechnology sector grows more and more saturated with every coming year. Statistics show not only a rising number of registered biotechnological enterprises but also exceeding amounts of biotechnological patents granted around the country. These trends have not gone unnoticed by many of the international biotechnological corporations, who have recognized Poland’s potential to become a major biotech hub, and decided to relocate their clinical trials and R&D centers here. Among them, there’s AstraZeneca, whose Warsaw-based Global Clinical Research Centre is about to turn 7 years old.

Founded in 2011, AstraZeneca’s Global Clinical Research Center employs not only medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology experts, but also numerous data analysts and programmers. The Warsaw-based research and development center is one of the three AstraZeneca facilities of the kind in Europe – the other two are run from Cambridge and Gothenburg.  

While the Polish GCR Center started out small, with a staff of less than a hundred, the facility keeps growing in numbers, and currently employs 1300 FTE. AstraZeneca places great importance on employee training as well, and thus directly contributes towards strengthening the leagues of future specialists in the fields of biotechnology and health sciences in Poland.

It is important to mention that AstraZeneca’s Center does not only coordinate studies conducted in the corporation’s international facilities, but also runs a number of them in Poland. According to the company’s recent reports, last year, AstraZeneca collaborated with around five hundred of Polish facilities, and coordinated over 70 clinical trials with around 7,5 thousand patients.

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