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Having a well-constructed online presence has been very much accepted as a norm in the modern corporate world. You may be surprised to find that the concept is not as widespread in many small and medium enterprises across the country – according to a recent study carried out by T-mobile, only 25% of small companies in Poland utilize e-commerce, and just 40% are present on social media. A slow, gradual change is on its way, but meanwhile, the mobile network carrier has a plan which just might speed things up a little.

There’s still a large potential for implementing digital solutions in Poland, especially in the SMEs sector. Many of our B2B clients utilize digital tools for activities such as e-commerce, in order to offer additional benefits to their consumers. But there’s a long road ahead of us, and we still have a lot of ways to grow. T-Mobile Polska wants to act as a partner to [SMEs], in order to help them build new solutions, or implement some of ours, including cloud-based tools – anything to provide their clientele with new, digital experiences. – states Andreas Maierhofer, Chief Executive Officer at T-Mobile Polska.

As of April 18th, T-Mobile’s menu for business clients will be expanded with a brand new program aimed specifically at SMEs. Magenta Biznes seeks to introduce them to services previously available only to bigger business entities in order to make digitization more accessible to entrepreneurs regardless of their companies’ scope. Clients will be able to pay a flat fee in order to receive limitless access to all services.

With a few variants regarding the monthly fees, a small business client will receive two personal SIM cards – one intended for use in a smartphone, and the other, in a tablet or a router. Additional SIM cards issued for employees will function with an expiry date – a six month period of inactivity will automatically deactivate it, and decrease the fee on the unused card to only 1 Zloty per month.

T-Mobile’s plan reaches way beyond offering a flexible cellular service for small companies – the mobile network provider wants to play an active role in supporting the process of small business digitization across the country. Our next step in the process of promoting the digitization of Polish companies will be the introduction of IT services. (…) The main example will be the Office software package, which is often crucial for businesses. [Our plan involves] not only offering the program at a fair price, but also providing IT consultants who will be able to remotely help in solving any issues which may arise. – explains Marta Szwakopf, the B2B Marketing Director at T-Mobile Polska.

For more information about Magenta Biznes, feel free to check out T-Mobile’s website.

We’re happy to announce that T-Mobile is Impact’18’s Strategic Partner – if you’d like to hear more about their plans for SMEs, make sure to join us in Kraków on June 13th and 14th to get the latest scoop!